Refresh Your Home With New Siding

Arrange for siding installation services in or near Owosso or Okemos, MI

If it's time to add new siding to your home, you can turn to Dad Bod Remods. Our experienced team provides top-notch siding installation services in the Owosso & Okemos, MI area.

Our professionals can remove old siding, install a moisture barrier and complete your siding replacement with expertise. All you'll have to do is select the siding, order it and get it delivered to your property. We can collaborate with your HOA to ensure that you get the right kind of siding. To discuss your options, call 989-494-2716 today. You can also request a free estimate on siding installation services.

Find out if your siding needs to be replaced

If your siding can't protect your building effectively, you'll need to get it replaced. Look out for:

  • Fading siding
  • Bubbles in siding
  • Peeling siding
  • Rotting fascia boards
  • Water damage
While faded siding may seem like a simple cosmetic problem, it can indicate that your siding is breaking down. To discuss your siding replacement needs with a professional, contact us now.